Lee Kimberlin is, and has been from Southwestern Colorado, Montrose and Delta counties.  Lee and Pat, his lovely wife of 55 years, raised one super son, two awesome daughters, four grandsons, cattle, a few horses and several average cow dogs. They all love the western way of life, cowboying and hard work.


Now Dan was an ole’ blacksmith
who worked on horse drawn carts.
I had a busted wheel in my hands
when I told him I needed some parts.
My wheel wouldn’t roll anymore.
The spokes were not any good.
Dan looked at the mess that I had
and said, “Lee I’ll need to get the wood.”
I’ll need to get the right oak
and hue it to shape and to size.
Ah, it’ll be ready by Friday.” said Dan
so quick, I thought, what a surprise!!
I waited a week or two,
cause well, Dan was on in his years.
His bones were like old rusty parts.
When he moved, was like grinding gears.
I smiled when I got to his shop.
My wheel would be fixed for sure,
but the wheel was where I had left it.
I muttered, “Aw, horse manure.”
I spotted old Dan in the corner.
He said, “I’ve just not got to it, Lee,
but it’ll be ready by Friday.”
All while grinnin’ and slappin’ his knee.
I waited a couple of months.
The seasons were starting to change.
Dan had had plenty of time and well,
I had been workin’ the range.
There was chill in the air when I went.
I realized Dan’s a bit slow,
but we had already gone through a season.
Heck, it was ready to snow!!
My wheel hadn’t moved.
It was behind a bale of hay.
Dan once again slapped his knee
and said, “Lee, it’ll be ready by Friday.”
I went home thanking the Lord
that I knew an ole’ geezer like Dan.
I knew he could fix my wheel.
N’ I chuckled, “By Friday he can.”
                                   © Lee Kimberlin